PekoeBrew Succulent Planter Pot

PekoeBrew Succulent Planter Pot

Published by Kate Patsky on 19th Feb 2017

Mum has already made it through a tin of PekoeBrew Earl Grey, and being a lover of the tin (and let's face it a biased supporter of her daughter and son in-law) she didn’t want to just discard it. So what to do with it?

She has a pretty impressive green thumb and has been playing around with succulents for quite a while now, making gifts for family and friends as well as making decorative features for my childhood home. Check out this feature pot in the kitchen and the succulent ball hanging by their front door.

So it was hardly surprising to find that she had decided to use the PekoeBrew tin as a pot. Here are her step by step instructions for making your own PekoeBrew succulent planter pot.

Place some rocks in the bottom of the tin as this helps with drainage.

Next place some horticultural charcoal on top.

On top of this place some succulent specific potting mix.

Choose your succulent. Mum has a few growing in her succulent "nursery". She picked one, carefully extracted it, moved it to the tin and gently pressed in some more of the potting mix.

She dusted off the excess soil with a paint brush, gave it a little spray with water and in under 15 minutes the PekoeBrew succulent planter pot was complete!

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