Market Launch

Market Launch

5th Dec 2016

In the early days of a company, that moment when you finally have your first interaction with customers is generally an exciting one. This was true for us at our launch into the general public at the Saporium Market Day in Rosebery, Sydney on the 26th of November. We were very lucky and thankful to have so many friends and family drop by and purchase the teas they had eagerly been waiting to see launched. Almost all of those who visited us were seeing the packaging in the flesh for the first time. We returned to Saporium a fortnight later and with it being only three weeks out from Christmas there was a good buzz about and we were thrilled to have made twice as many new PekoeBrew friends (lucky as we had exhausted all our friends and family at our first market outing!). We made a couple of changes to the setup of the stall based on observations and feedback from our first experience. The changes helped to give everyone more of a chance to see, feel, taste and understand the quality of the tea that we want to make PekoeBrew synonymous for.

Earlier I made reference to a ‘public’ launch, this was very much a hint at the ‘non-public’ events we’ve had along the way. Over the last 18 months of building PekoeBrew, we have invited family and friends to various PekoeBrew ‘special events’. Now if they were writing this, you’d know these invites translated to requests for their spare time to do reviews and provide feedback on developments relating to branding, packaging, content, website and product. I’d say that the tasting the product part was the most well received, especially if you’ve had the delightful experience of (any of) Kate’s cakey concoctions to go with your tea tasting! If you care to experience one of these delights, follow us to find out where our next market visit will be. We don’t do them all that often but when we do the cake and tea pairing will be worth the trip.

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