Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Published by Jason Selva on 24th Dec 2016

Over the start up phase and even more so post-launch, the interest in PekoeBrew Chill has been beyond any of our expectations. It was the result of much experimenting and fine tuning of the ratios of the various ingredients over the years. The recent feedback from our customers on their experience with it makes it an honour to have it as part of our range where it continues to impress and please.

This is a tisane that gives two different flavours depending on whether you brew it with hot water or alternatively, cold brew it overnight, and before you ask, yes the ingredients of this tisane don't change from one brew method to the other.

The instructions on our packaging and on the website are for the hot option. The cold brew process is a little different and arguably less effort! Cold brew happens overnight by using room temperature water. The resulting taste is adjustable based on your taste preferences. Our recommended method is to start with 2 tablespoons of Chill in 1L of water, leave it overnight and see how you like the resulting flavour. Then just tweak from there.

True Story: We have a friend (Reposting her photo on this blog entry) who added 4 tablespoons of Chill into a 3L dispenser filled with water the day before her Mexican dinner party. It was only meant for her but after her guests tried the Chill cold brew, they swapped over from cocktails to Chill! Tacos and Chill anyone?!

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